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Programs and Initiatives

The real estate units subdivision is done through the division of a building or a complex into several real estate units, through which all the information about the real estate unit including its share of the land area, the joint parts of the real estate, and the rights of use are provided. The service is provided to the beneficiaries (owners and developers) through the consultation and areas offices approved by the program and issued after the application is screened and approved by Notary Public.


Develop and organize real estate units subdivision procedures.


Ensure that the real estate units subdivision is in accordance with the laws and regulations to preserve the rights of beneficiaries and facilitate the procedures of ownership document issuance.


Program Objectives and Values

  • Save the beneficiaries' rights of screened units.
  • Unify subdivision system and requirements across Saudi Arabia.
  • Minimize the real estate units screening process time.
  • Activate the role of Mullak on subdivided units.
  • Automate and standardize screening process at the Kingdom level.