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Programs and Initiatives


The Saudi Real Estate Institute is an institute dedicated to the dissemination of the best global practices in the real estate sector, providing training and qualification for practicing professionals in the Saudi real estate sector, and granting them professional certificates that enable them to enter the labor market with high efficiently.The Institute is one of the initiatives launched by the Ministry of Housing within the National Transformation Program 2020 plan to achieve Saudi Vision 2030, in collaboration with local and international real estate expert partners.



To raise the Kingdom's professional standards in the real estate sector to its highest levels, through the training and qualification of workers in the real estate market.



Raise awareness and meet the training and educational needs of the real estate sector through optimal partnerships globally and locally.


Institute Services

  • Leadership and professional training programs.
  • Knowledge exchange through seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • Certified professional certificates.
  • Research and consultation to provide best practices and policies in the real estate sector.



  • Raising workers knowledge level and qualification in the Saudi real estate market.
  • Sufficient knowledge of the Saudi real estate market regulations and legislation.
  • Development and organization of the Saudi real estate market.
  • Professionalism in training and qualification.
  • Create job opportunities for citizens.
  • Real estate platform for experience and knowledge exchange.
  • Organizing related conferences and exhibitions.


Current Courses

The Saudi Real Estate Institute offers several courses, and you may browse course via its website