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Programs and Initiatives

Developers Services Center (ETMAM) is one of the most important national initiatives aimed at facilitating the launching of the real estate sector in the Kingdom, creating an attractive environment which will increase the volume of investments inside and outside the Kingdom, and increases the pace of work in residential projects accelerates which will leads to the increase of housing units supply annually and achieves the national goal by facilitating the citizen's access to adequate housing . Through partnership and cooperation agreements, the center with its permanent representatives of relevant authorities (Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Justice and others) act as nexus through which the real estate developer can follow up his transactions during the various phases of project development. The Center also provide licenses and follow up with the related authorities and ensuring that they are completed as soon as possible. Additionally, the Center also study the real estate development stages, rules and regulations, and cooperate directly with all relevant bodies to work on developing the systems and facilitating the procedures for the real estate developer work and promote the development of housing projects.


Supporting operations of the real estate developer by providing data and facilitating procedures to achieve the housing sector's objectives in finding adequate housing for the Saudi citizen by increasing the supply in the real estate market.


The Developers Services Center main task is to overcome the obstacles that the real estate developer or residential project owner may encounter, which limit the completion pace of the project.


The Center communicates with both parties and representatives of real estate developers to ensure the continuous improvement of services and help in overcoming project obstacles through holding periodic meetings in which the status of applications is reviewed by each party, in addition to proposals discussion to improve the procedures and systems provided by the Center and the developers.


Center Services
Developers Services Center (ETMAM) implements and follows up the progress of the accreditations and licenses for residential or commercial residential projects, that covers more than 50,000 square meters.


Center Services include but not limited to the following:

  • Accreditation of land subdivision scheme
  • Accreditation of comprehensive development schemes
  • Issuance of building permits
  • Issuance of building completion certificate
  • Issuance of off-plan unit sales license
  • Issuance of off-plan land development license
  • Issuance of marketing license within Saudi Arabia of existing off-plan projects outside Saudi Arabia 
  • Issuance of display license within Saudi Arabia of existing off-plan projects outside Saudi Arabia 
  • Issuance of Mullak registration certificate