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Programs and Initiatives

"Ejar" is an integrated system that aims to develop the housing and real estate sector in the Kingdom in a balanced manner by finding sustainable solutions to the challenges of the real estate market that preserves the rights of all parties involved in the standard contract for residential leasing. The leasing services network is one of the most important solutions designed to organize the relationship between the parties of the leasing process (tenant, landlord and real estate broker), which includes a set of integrated e-services that will contribute to creating the leasing sector with transparency, trust and impartiality.


To improve the tenancy sector regulations, achieve balance between supply and demand and ensuring the sustainability, development and organization of the sector.


Organizing and facilitating the real estate tenancy sector with stimulating systems and mechanisms that reserve the rights and balance the sector with secure and accurate standards that meet the society's aspirations.


Transparency, trust and impartiality.



  1. Reserve the rights of the leasing process parties (tenant, landlord, real estate broker).
  2. Form unified tenancy contracts that meet the beneficiaries' needs.
  3. Qualify and license the real estate brokerage facilities and set policies and regulatory actions.
  4. Reduce the number of tenancy-related cases.
  5. Improve the performance of the real estate sector and raise its contribution to the GDP


Ejar eServices:

  • Conclude unified tenancy contracts online.
  • Connectivity of several authorities such as (National Information Center, Ministry of Commerce and Investment and Ministry of Justice) and working on the connectivity of the following authorities (Ministry of Labor and Social Development, Saudi Post, National Water Company, Saudi Electricity Company).
  • Online payment service activation.
  • The ability to check landlord and tenant identity prior the conclusion of the contract.
  • The ability to check the housing unit ownership and guarantee the attorneyship of the landlord in case he was an authorized representative of the actual landlord.
  • Ensure the transactions legitimacy with a certified real estate broker.
  • Training and qualifying of real estate brokerage facilities.

On 22/09/1437 AH, the Council of Ministers approved a number of regulations and standards including the obligation of the licensed real estate brokers to register all residential and commercial leases online through the electronic network and to prepare and implement a program that ensures the subsidy of citizens who are unable to pay the rent.