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Programs and Initiatives

Sustainable Building

Programme definition:

Sustainable building aims at providing a range of services and solutions that contribute to raising the quality of residential construction and increasing energy and water efficiency via the web platform


1- Upgrading the quality and reliability of residential products.

2 - Reduce the operation and maintenance costs of housing units on the citizen.

3. Minimizing potential risks in the house building process and the costs involved.

4 –Raising parties' efficiency in the residential construction sector and motivate them.

5. Preserving the rights of all parties involved in the house building process.

Main services rendered:

1- Constriction quality control service.

A mechanism for checking the quality of the construction work done by certified examiners during the construction of the housing unit. The building is awarded a quality certificate for the implementation of the building after completion of construction and exceeding all stages of the examination.

2. Inspection service for prefabricated buildings.

A mechanism for checking the quality of existing buildings through certified examiners to issue a certified quality report.

3. Building Sustainability Assessment Service.

A mechanism for assessing the conformity of the building to environmental sustainability criteria. According to the assessment, the building receives a special classification that determines the degree of compliance of the building with the standards of sustainability.