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Monday 24 Muharram 1441 on September 23, 2019

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It is our duty in the Ministry of Housing to organize and facilitate a balanced and sustainable housing environment through the establishment and development of programs to stimulate the private and public sectors through cooperation and partnership in organizing, planning and control to facilitate housing for all community segments at the suitable price and high quality. Based on Saudi Vision 2030, and in pursuit of a vibrant society, the Ministry of Housing aims to increase the ownership rate by at least 70% by the year 1451H / 2030. Through the enactment of a number of rules and regulations, stimulate the private-sector, and build an effective partnership with the citizen to provide an adequate housing in accordance with ownership paths by offering savings and financing solutions that suit the citizens needs. One of the primary challenges facing the ministry:

1-Limited availability of suitable housing units for all community segments.

2-Difficulty in accessing adequate housing finance.

3-The inefficiency of the real estate sector.

4-Haveay reliance on government funding.